Health Benefits of Tantric Massage

Health Benefits of Tantric Massage
Permit your mind to get into the world of imagination and get into a scene where you are getting a soothing massage. It is very clear to all of us that a massage feels nice. However, there is something else which feels even greater, Tantric massage. In case you did not know, there are some health benefits which come with Tantric massage. It has great benefits for women and men as well. It is for that reason that it has had increasing popularity. You can read more about WINKS London by clicking the link.

When you are having a tantric massage, there is nothing like "restricted zones" as you will find with the conventional western massage. For that reason, this form of massage gives you lots of sexual pleasure which besides being expected, it is welcomed. Though the intention of this massage is not to orgasm, it awakens their senses and channels their sexual energy in the most appropriate manner possible. When done right and given perfectly, this massage will enhance the circulation of your blood, and for people that suffer from high blood pressure, it is an aid. In return, there is a reduction in stress. Find out more information about WINKS London.

This massage is an art which is a great form of relaxation. This gives someone very good sleep. It is known that coitus is one of the best natural ways of inducing sleep. However, when it is combined with a great touch from a therapist or a partner, the power is multiplied greatly. There have been studies which have shown that for people that suffer from sleep disorders, there is a great benefit that is reaped from attending massage sessions and they have reported having better sleep patterns following a few sessions of tantric massage.

This massage also comes with the benefits of life longevity. To understand this, you need to know that studies have shown that men that have coitus more live longer compared to the ones that have it fewer times. This is attributed to the release of hormones that occur following an orgasm. This is what happens with the tantric massage. Usually, the result is an orgasm. It triggers the release of hormones which besides making us feel good have a very great function in improving our health and leads to bone, muscle and even hair growth. Seek more info about sensual massage at

There are other direct health benefits which come with Tantric massage. Usually, it lowers the level of cholesterol and helps in the balance the ration of bad and good cholesterol. This greatly lowers the risk of a heart attack.
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